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Alvar paints with a subtle, sophisticated tenderness and feeling for his subject matter.  Alvar studies at the school of fine arts of Barcelona from 1951 to 1957.  The eclectic Alvar is a master of all mediums, but each of Alvar's flawlessly executed works is characterized by a sensitivity to color and a delicacy of form that are unique in contemporary art.  Following in the tradition of Braque, Alvar is an artist whose force of emotion and mystical vision are complimented by a strong creative discipline and consummate technical skills.  A modern master at the very peak of his powers, Alvar's works are exhibited in all the fine art centers in the world.
Artist:      Alvar
Piece:     Still LIfe
Medium: 1963 Original Oil on canvas
Piece:     20x24
Framed:  41x36
Asking     $24,500 obo
Artist:      Alvar
Piece:     Ladies Faces
Medium: Original Ink Drawing
Piece:     11x15
Framed:  26x30
Asking     $3,900 obo

Alvar (Alvar Sunol)


Alvar Original Paintings

Artist: Alvar Sunol
Title:  "Concierto De Tarde"
Medium:  Lithograph with original watercolor
Edition:  218 of 250
Framed Size: 46" x 39"
Asking:  $3250.00 OBO

Alvar Lithographs

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Artist:  Alvar
Title:  "Evening Serenade"
Medium:  Oil on Canvas
Year: 1968
Artwork Size:  26" x 32"
Framed Size:  40" x 46"
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Artist: Alvar
Title:  "A Lovers' Song"
Medium:  Oil on Board
Artwork Size:  14 1/2" x 19 1/2"
Framed Size:  29" x 34"
Artist:  Alvar
Title:  "Gifts of Life"
Medium:  Oil on Board
Artwork Size:  19 1/2" x 25 1/2"
Framed Size:  35" x 40"
Alvar is an expert when it comes to adding a subtle vagueness to what otherwise in plain and still.  The abstractness that he has added to the vase and flowers in this painting creates extraordinary room for imagination and interpretation. Signed lower right.
In this painting Alvar has used the warmth of yellows and reds to convey the sensual nature of two lovers engaged in a romantic serenade.  Alvar's talents and virtues relating to the Braque tradition ring beautifully through this colorful work.  Signed lower right.
"Gifts of Life" is a vibrant and vivid painting that is a nice retreat from the muted colors so typical in many of Alvar's works.  The concepts and figures have remained true but this painting comes to life in a whole different way by way of its enchanting color.  You absolutely cannot find a nicer Alvar painting on the internet for our price. Call or email us with your offer.
"Evening Serenade" is sure to bring many years of enjoyment and intrigue to any home with its subtle detail that is hidden in the canvas.  Looking closely and allowing your imagination to wander one will begin to notice the faces, vases and other elements of romantic nature that Alvar has embedded beyond the surface of this painting.
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Artist: Alvar
Title: "La Famille"
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Year: 1967
Size: 40" x 32"
Framed Size: 53" x 45"