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JAMALI:  Jamali is an internationally known artist who is collected by celebrities such as Oprah, Elton John, Kelsey Grammar, Emeril Legasse, Jack Welch, Tiger Woods and Todd Woodbridge. He was named one of "The Most Fascinating People in the World" by GQ magazine in 2001. Through all these works, persistent themes and mythic imagery define a singular artistic vision. Jamali's paintings are inhabited by dream figures that appear and then fade away. Mothers, sons, lovers, and dream guides, these are the characters of Jamali's visionary cosmos. His hieroglyphs and inscriptions promise revelation without disclosing their truths easily. Always dwelling in the tension between image and abstraction, Jamali draws us toward "the beautiful resolution of opposing forces", the moment of transcendence in which art coincides with peace.
Artist:  Jamali
Title:  "Man of Peace"
Medium:  Original Pigmentation on Cork
Image Size:  58" x 40"
Framed Size:  62" x 44"
"Man of Peace", is an abstract expressionistic figurative piece.  It is an exceptional and impressive work by Jamali, executed in pure pigment on cork.  The color ranges from deep umber and warm sienna to cool greys and touches of red and orange gestural strokes.  This piece displays Jamalis work at his best. 
Artist:  Jamali
Title:  "Untitled, #4298"
Medium:  Original Oil on Canvas
Artwork Size:  16" x 12"
Framed Size:  30" x 26"
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Artist:  Jamali
Title:  "Untitled"
Medium:  Original Pigmentation on Cork
Size:  26" x 20"
Framed Size: 40" x 34"
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